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Interior Planning & Design

At the design project stage, we visualize your future space and draw up detailed technical instructions for its creation.


  • We get acquainted with you and your approach to space. Together we fill out a brief that will help the architect understand your practices and aesthetic preferences.
  • 1-2 times we go to a place to study the technical side of your space: inspect, take measurements and analyze the object.
  • Based on the information received, we create up to 3 variants of planning decisions, in which different scenarios of movement in space, zoning and furniture arrangement are laid
  • Create a draft design:
  • 2 visualizations per room
  • Full-dome interactive 3D-visualization of space
  • Approve the final renderings.
  • We are preparing an album of working drawings – technical instructions for assembling your space
  • We are preparing a specification for furniture and components with an indication of the manufacturer.


As a result, in the form of a working album, you get a whole concept of your space and full technical instructions for assembling it.