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 Exterior Planning

We realize a ready-made design project: we carry out construction work, we buy materials, install components and hand over the finished object.

The project involved:

  • – Personal project manager 
  • – Architect 
  • – Completion Manager 
  • – Team of builders and necessary contractors 
  • – Decorator 
  • – Consultants in specific areas (smart home, audio systems, landscaping, visual arts)

We believe that service and simple communication with customers is just as important as the color of the walls in the living room. Therefore, we are guided by several principles:


  • Each project is led by a manager who manages all the processes, including the work of the designer.
  • Architects and designers are engaged only in design. The manager takes over communication with contractors, leaving the designer time for creativity.
  • We cooperate with proven construction contractors.
  • We involve narrow specialists in key areas (plumbing, light, sound, decor, visual arts)
  •  We have an established partner network. We buy building materials, furniture, and decor at special prices.
  • Draw up a contract with the exact approval of the timing and budget.